About us

The Star Is Born — Brand history

Misha Combearzon needs no introduction, because our bold brand has already made a big name in the world of winter clothing for walking, sports and life.

Misha Combearzon overalls conquer at first sight with stylish prints, from the first fitting – a perfect cut, from the first walk-a hot embrace. There are simply no indifferent customers: there are those who love it and those who simply adore it.

Misha was invented when, on a cold winter evening, five minutes before the bookstore closed, our founding mothers Mira and Leah were arguing over which of them should run for a couple of books.

After all, you do not want to crawl out of a warm nest on the street on cold evenings; pull it on (just not to freeze!) this pile of bulky and ugly gray shapeless winter things, and then run through the alleys and pray that you don't meet anyone you know.

But books, on the contrary, on cold winter evenings, you just want unbearably.

So, after crushing a couple of volumes for two, Mira and Leah began to dream: what if winter clothes were put on at lightning speed, were warm and sexy at the same time, bright and stylish.

Dreamed - dreamed a bit, and ... Done!

Now our mothers-grandparents travel around the world, personally selecting the best fabrics, studying all the hottest new products of world exhibitions and shows, controlling the quality of tailoring and being motherly proud of their offspring Misha Combearzon.

Our team has long been made up of more than two people, but we are all just as in love with Misha as its creators. Absolutely all employees winter only in Misha Combearzon overalls, and this is not a prerequisite for the company, but a sincere desire.

Join our friendly ranks and you!