5 REASONS to get Misha Combearzon

  1. JUMP INTO this JUMPSUIT in 5 seconds just with pajamas ... or without! Get ready faster than the store closes, than the dog or the already dressed child pee; before the your dressed child or husband start screaming!
  2. Combearzon will flatter your merits and will find and address the shortcomings - make a weakness into a strength. li>
  3. All Special Services all over the world are trying to buy out the secret technology of our membrane overalls and apply it to the soldier's uniforms: they are not hot in warm weather and not cold in the most freezing cold!
  4. Our overalls do not get blown by the wind, do not get wet from snow, water , wine or tears of happiness.
  5. We are affectionate with our customers, we love them, we promptly answer all your questions , we answer using emojis and hearts (isn't that an argument?). After that, we do our best to choose the perfect size and make delivery fast and comfortable!

Women's winter overall - Made in Crazy Cold Russia - Misha Combearzon is designed specifically for active life

  • for long hikes and walks in the fresh air,
  • for skiing and snowboarding,
  • for winter holidays and travel.

The perfect cut flatters the figure and at the same time gives you complete range of motion.

Unique bright prints highlight in the crowd of gray down jackets. -22 F? Combearzon overalls protect you! When the overalls are additionally equipped with a heating element and / or the use of thermal underwear, the heating capacity increases.

All materials used for our overalls are hypoallergenic:

  • Fabric vapor-permeable membrane 3000/3000. Water repellent, windproof, wear resistant;
  • modern insulation flytex 150 g / m2. Twice thinner and several times warmer than padding polyester. And it does not roll-off when washed;
  • the back area is additionally insulated with a breathable knitted fabric ‘Sprint’, which removes excess moisture to the outside and retains heat inside;
  • breathable lining;
  • detachable eco-fur

How much longer can we talk ?! After all, You're not yourself when you're froze! Keep going! Be-Combearzon